Whole Genome Sequencing.



We are pleased to inform you that we are now offering Whole Genome Sequencing to our patients. We provide this service in collaboration with Veritas.
The tests we do cover all stages of life, from prenatal, newborns,  healthy individuals and  diagnostics.

Genomic screening helps predict disease before biological onset. It enables you to plan a strategy to prevent the outcomes that genetic alterations can condition. 
Your genes do not change from birth on but science inexorably does, so sequencing once enables interpretations and updates on the interpretations through life (Genomic Life).

The tests are ever increasing in number as new ones are developed.


At present  we have:
+650 Diseases with clinical relevance
+225 Carrier conditions
+150 Response to medication evaluations
+15 Multifactorial diseases
+50 Traits

18% of a random cohort of people presented a medically actionable genetic condition that they were unaware of.


Whole Genome Sequencing as done by Veritas, sequences the whole genome which is like 4200, 500 page books worth of information.



For further information please call 0034 871201007.



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