1) To contact us use:

Phone:  +34 871201007
Address: Calle Tudo 11, Son Ferrer, Calvia 07181, Balearic Islands.


2) We do not send patient information over the internet.


3) FACEBOOK, WHATSAPP, TELEGRAM etcetera: If you have an emergency do not use these systems, it is better to use the telephone.


4) We do not give information to third parties if it is not with written authorization.


5)Now that we are not in Lock Down there is no need to consult over the internet. Medicine is best when practiced face to face.





Please bring your lab petition with you to the lab the day you are coming to do your tests.

Normally you should not eat or drink anything if you are having a blood test. 

If you are doing a urine test please use a STERILE pot from the chemist. No jam jars please.

Be sure to come back to have the results read to you or to take them to the doctor that ordered them. 



Laboratory opening hours: 8:00 am till 10:30 am  Monday to Friday.


If in doubt please call us for advice: 871-201-007




Food intolerance

Non invasive prenatal test



STD testing

Simple lipid profile

Metabolism tessting

Liver function



Renal function

Colorectal cancer screening




Results can be had in English or Spanish. We hope for more languages soon.