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Dr.Michael Stoma, born in Canada to an English mother and a Polish father, came to Mallorca at the age of two and has considered it his home since then. He studied medicine in the Autonomous University of Barcelona has been practicing medicine in the Calvia area for the last 34 years, and considers his dedication to preventive medicine the most important part of his work.


Member of: Spanish society of health and Integrative Medicine.





Intelligence tests

Study techniques
Personality Tests 


Depression, Anxiety and other mood disorders
Treatments for post-traumatic problems.

Treatment through Cognitive-Behavioral therapy.

Dementia and cognitive impairment. Diagnosis and treatments.
Cognitive, individual or group estimation.
Cognitive rehabilitation, individual or group.

Weekly groups or small workshops: Self-esteem, guidelines for caretakers of dependents, prevention, life habits,  health, motivation, relaxation techniques, etc


Reinforcement groups in the afternoons for children with Educational Needs.





High capacities 






Suzanne Garaty qualified as a Nutritional Therapist from the college of Naturopathic medicine, London in 2014, and has over 20 years of experience as a chef.

She has been working with men, women and children presenting with conditions including IBS, digestive problems, depression, thyroid and hormonal issues, high cholesterol, infertility, skin conditions, weight management, low energy and general wellness.

Nutritional consultancies focus on an individually tailored approach developing personalized food, supplement and lifestyle plans. Suzanne encourages eating beneficial and therapeutic foods to increase vitality and support the relevant health issues of her patient.

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