The Dr.Stoma medical center located in Son Ferrer, Calvia. is a center that provides various medical sevices. Aside from treating illnesses, the promotion of Education for Health and development and implementation of Preventive Medicine are the two main objectives of the center.



Preventive medicine includes many areas such as sports, psychology, nutrition etc that help people live  in a manner that their lives may last as long as possible and with the best quality. Included in these areas are their ability to look after themselves, make their own decisions, retain their mental capabilities, have a healthy, gratifying emotional, physical and sexual life, and not be a burden for their loved ones for a long time.



Teléfono: 871-201-007.

Correo electrónico:

Dirección postal: Centro Medico Dr.Michael Stoma, C/.Tudo 11, Son Ferrer, Calvia 07181, Islas Baleares, Spain.

Llamen  para pedir cita.

Si tienen una urgencia llamen antes de venir para que les podamos aconsejar. Si no puede comunicar con nosotros llamen a : 112 o 061.



Telephone: (+34) 871-201-007


Postal address: Centro Medico Dr.Michael Stoma, C/.Tudó 11, Son Ferrer, Calvia 07181, Islas Baleares. SPAIN


Please call if you need an appointment.

If you should have an emergency please call before coming so we can give you advice. Should you not be able to contact with us please call 112 or 061. If you are calling from a foreign phone when we are closed to the public, please call +34 871 95 99 66




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