Your health is the most important thing for us. 


We are happy to welcome you to our clinic. Our highly trained staff will attend your health and medical needs. 


Aside from treating illnesses we specialize in our center in preventive medicine.
The prevention of illnesses and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle is the cornerstone of quality longevity.
We recommend an annual checkup designed to the patients requirements influenced by previous medical history, genetics, lifestyle and age.
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Dr.Michael Stoma, born in Canada to an English mother and a Polish father, came to Mallorca at the age of two and has considered it his home  ever since. He studied medicine in the Autonomous University of Barcelona has been practicing medicine in the Calvia area since 1984, and considers his dedication to preventive medicine and metabolic health the most important part of his work.


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C/ Tudó 11, Son Ferrer, Calvia 07181, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain.


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If you should have an emergency please call before coming so we can give you advice. Should you not be able to contact with us please call 112 or 061.